The development of civilization has brought many useful inventions such as television, radio, the Internet. In developed countries, people can not imagine life without the Internet, through which can make purchases, pay bills, communicate with friends, watch movies, listen to music, play. Now we can do everything we want without the need to leave home.
Every day, almost every one of us spends a few hours at your computer monitor or tablet, mobile phone. The Internet has become so affordable that any place on Earth, we can take their favorite pastime. The World Network facilitates our life, because to save our time and money. Staying at home can make a lot of different jobs, and instead spend their free time with their families. Moreover internet is a great way to earn money for the majority of websites. Of course, there are negative aspects of the Internet in recent years, much has been said about Internet addiction. Many people spend all day at a computer monitor, especially the large number of children suffer from this addiction.